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Clean Your Carpet by Following These Tips

Carpet Cleaning

Clean Your Carpet by Following These Tips

A luxurious, soft and refreshed Carpet Cleaning Edmonton can significantly enhance the aesthetics of an office or commercial place. On the other hand, carpets that have been soiled and with a foul odor will affect the appearance of your space and repel the feeling of customers and staff members. Hence, giving good attention to the carpet has a significant commercial and productivity value for your company.

There are many methods to take care of the state of your carpet. Some methods could be more effective than others depending on different factors. Our expert teams on carpet cleaning have the following advice that will help to keep the look and life of the carpet at your commercial place.

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Vacuuming your carpet regularly.

Most of the dust and dirt that enters our homes, offices and commercial place settle on the carpet. Regular vacuuming of the main areas, especially the entrance and common areas of your workplace or home can prolong the lifespan of your carpet.

Furthermore, a good vacuuming session will collect most of the dirt and other particles which ease the workload on the carpet steamer when professional cleaning is done.

While it might seem reasonable to vacuum the carpet fast, this will not remove the soil deep within the carpet’s fibers and will leave behind a residue that will be difficult to remove later. A proper way to avoid this is to pass the vacuum over the area slowly in one direction and pull it backward as you proceed. Try to overlap previous areas with the same amount of time, as this will ensure that you are giving enough suction time for the machine to remove the dirt.

Our experts advise to vacuum your workplace every day during the winter season as the staff and customers carry in a lot of salt and sand. Salt and sand combination is terrible for a carpet. Both have an abrasive and a chemical effect which has an accelerated effect in removing the carpet fibers.

These fibers are the ones that give the softness of the carpet and protect it from aging faster. To maintain the aesthetics, the carpet needs to be vacuumed often at least every day for a commercial place and every 5 to seven days for a residential place, especially during the winter.

It is more advisable to hire professional carpet cleaners or janitors for regular maintenance of your workplace. It becomes challenging to focus on running the Office Cleaning Services and maintaining your workplace. Our expert team will take the headache of maintaining it and make sure your place is kept clean and fresh always.

Removing new and old stains from a carpet

For homemade carpet cleaning tips on eliminating a stain on the carpet, try a combination of baking soda and vinegar solution. The solution is used to wash away the tough stains on your carpet and dry thoroughly. If you have stubborn stains that are difficult to remove, try ammonia or vinegar to eliminate the stain. Apply the solution to the area affected and scrub it to dry using a white and clean towel. Repeat if needed; however, remember to do it quickly and not to use excess water as it may affect the underlying if it goes down.

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However, it is recommended to hire a professional carpet cleaner who uses fast-drying chemicals and steam extractor machines for commercial or office places that are not maintained regularly. Hence, the operation of your business will not be affected while maintaining your carpet effectively.

Our professional carpet cleaning services involve the use of steam extraction method which uses fewer volatile chemicals. For all your residential, office and commercial carpet cleaning solutions, you can contact us and we will serve you.

Carpet cleaning cost

The best way to get an accurate professional carpet cleaning price is to invite for a walkthrough or give a reasonable estimation of your carpet size to carpet cleaning companies. In addition, it is also better to inform the cleaners the state of your carpet before they give you their estimation.

Providing adequate information usually helps you to avoid overcharging or underestimation which could lead to proof work. Some companies will do a pre-inspection over the phone, which allows you to get a rough estimate of the price before the carpet cleaners arrive.

But this estimation is not final until the supervision is done on-site before or during cleaning. Usually, a professional carpet cleaning cost falls between 0.35 to 0.60 CAD per square foot of carpet. However, this could differ depending on different reasons such as size, state of the carpet, and whether it is a residential or commercial facility. For instance, retail store carpet is servicing more traffic than office carpets. Hence, it is reasonable to see both facilities charged separately.

Moreover, carpet cleaning throughout Canada couldn’t be the same due to different factors. For instance, the carpet cleaning in Edmonton and Calgary could be similar as both have similar winter conditions, living standards, and the density of cleaning companies.

It is also similar when you compare the ratio of the business competitions and habitation in both cities. But it is expected to be quite different when you compare it to that of Toronto or Vancouver as living standard and the business density is different. However, most estimation is expected to fall within the range.


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