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How outsourcing your Office cleaning will benefit your business

Outsourcing your office cleaning services takes a lot of toll from the financial and administrative headache of your company.

How outsourcing your Office cleaning will benefit your business

With the start of the pandemic, our lives have been affected in a lot of ways. The way we do business and the way we live have been significantly affected in the last two years more than we can remember. The dramatic nature of the pandemic has forced us to adapt to new work methods in a short period of time and a different mindset has been brought to the forefront. Furthermore, the pandemic has brought one particular aspect to business that cleanliness is essential to maintain the well-being of the employees. That is why office managers and business owners have to make sure their office places are maintained and meet at least the standard of cleanliness that will prevent any sort of contamination.

As we are now at the end of the pandemic and extending work from the home arrangement for the majority of businesses will not be the best option. Moreover, most of companies have faced some challenges with virtual meetings and coordination. Hence, office return is becoming an inevitable reality for the workforce and businesses equally. However, all parties are demanding extra caution when it comes to the level of janitorial or cleaning services engagement the business will have. All businesses are responsible for the ambiance of the working space. Hence, hiring or outsourcing to a professional office cleaning company becomes a crucial task for managers.

These days everyone is critically concerned about the hygiene of the working environment more than ever. Most of the employees are demanding their office-based space be cleaned and disinfected professionally and regularly. When working from home, the worker knows the level of cleanliness of his or her space and the traffic of personals it has as he or she is dwelling in the place. However, when they return to work in which there are multiple individuals and don’t know the state of everyone, they will need the office to be clean and disinfected regularly in order to boost confidence in their safety.

That is why business owners need their services to be outsourced to reputable and experienced office Cleaning companies in their area. This is where our professional Cleaning company located in Alberta and the British Columbia region comes into the picture. Our team of experts creates a customized package to meet your requirements and guarantees you the best office cleaning and disinfecting services that will exceed your expectations.

Outsourcing your office cleaning services takes a lot of toll on the financial and administrative headache of your company. It is much cheaper to outsource your cleaning services than to hire an employee which in the end will increase your business operation cost, management time, and risk of insurance. However, the administrative challenges can be transferred to cleaning companies at a cheaper office cleaning cost. If so, you would not get disturbed by the daytime of hiring a cleaner or worry about your office and managing it if you schedule it after work. On the other hand, cleaning companies have their own supervision and are well-insured for any liability that the office is exposed to. The main important part office managers or business owners have to focus on is hiring the right cleaning company which can give the best look to your office.

As it takes time and effort to give cleaning the proper attention it deserves especially during this pandemic time, outsourcing becomes the best alternative for business owners and managers. However, with the wide range of cleaning companies, there comes a challenge in choosing the best option for your business. This is what most business managers always struggle compromising between cost and quality. When choosing a company to clean, it is important to consider the cost, but it’s also essential to select a business that is trustworthy and professional and, in a position, to provide quality for the price.

If this is something you have been considering, here are some tips and lists of factors that you might need to consider before hiring. You may find these factors important while going through the pros and challenges of selecting cleaning companies. These main four critical factors are deemed important in all business sectors.

These are the primary factors considered when searching an office cleaning company to service your business:

  • Expertise and professionalism
  • Service range (All kinds of services in one package is better)
  • Reliability and open services hours
  • Responsive management and customer service

Hiring Small but Local cleaning companies:

Small or cleaning companies which are at a starting stage are always located near you. These cleaning companies operate from home and are run by a small group of people who might lack some expertise when you demand a specialized cleaning service. However, these companies are responsive and might try to exceed your expectations but always are short of proper cleaning equipment. They try to impress their clients and give special attention by going the extra mile with their services and flexibility. Nevertheless, it might be challenging to hire them if you need special services like Carpet cleaning, Floor waxing and stripping, high window cleaning, and so on as this cleaning needs a higher investment for the equipment. Moreover, such cleaning companies lack all the needed insurance such as Liability and WCB for their workers which might soon or later put you in the middle of Labor disputes.

Even though such companies are located closer to your operation, they are best for Money value and attention to detail. However, they might not be the best options for bigger and more sensitive businesses.

Professional established cleaning companies

One thinking that is in common between the local small companies and the established cleaning companies is both national companies. However, there are tons of differences between these companies. These established companies have all the necessary requirements for a better cleaning output. The only thing that makes them different from multinational companies is only they are operational within the region and are locally founded.

They have a better edge than multinational companies as they understand better what is important in their service areas. For instance, a cleaning company established in rainy or normal weather regions does not understand the nature of the office or commercial cleaning needed for a snowy area like Canada.

Moreover, they are more prepared, have better equipment for the services needed, and are more focused on their customer’s satisfaction as the channel of communication between the service men and management is direct not through a proxy of master franchises.

Multinational Franchise cleaning companies:

These companies have a better and more aggressive marketing strategy with well-structured management.  Though they train their franchisees and cleaning teams, customer satisfaction is overshadowed by their documentation and expert communication teams. They look to meet all the customer’s demand but the services will be below the standard that the locally established companies set. They lack the understanding and nature of business in most areas as their business structure is based on profitability, not localized customer demand.

As Joel Janitorial Cleaning Services an established national business, it serves best for customers who are based in Canada or similar to Canadian weather. We understand the importance of the local customers’ demand and try to create a strategy to serve with standardized procedures for each service facility.

Our team is trained to excel in the following services which are kin to all service facilities:

Experienced customer service:

Our team is trained to handle customers’ demand for commercial or office cleaning services. They understand what your company needs and how below-standard cleaning can affect your business. We take customers’ complaints seriously and we make sure the problem is sorted out at the earliest possible.

Schedule flexibility:

Most of our customer’s schedules for office cleaning are usually after working hours, however, we have some customers who prefer cleaning during the day. We accommodate our customer’s preferences and try our best not to be any kind of hindrance to their workflow.

Consistency and Professionalism

Our team goes through rigorous training before they are ready for cleaning services dispatch. Our philosophy is to make sure that any team should meet or excel in the services required. We standardize our cleaning mechanism in order to keep consistency and use geolocators to ensure the professionalism of our team members. We go beyond and above to ensure our customers are served.

Quality of supplies and Green cleaning

The tools and equipment used by cleaning companies usually affect the quality of the cleaning services they provide. We use the best and most environmentally sustainable cleaning supplies to protect the health of our and employees. It is a must to think about your employees when we do your office cleaning services as we don’t want to affect your operations as a result of using volatile and carcinogenic cleaning chemicals.

The use of eco-friendly cleaning products especially in enclosed offices will benefit the health of the people who are spending extended hours in it. This lowers the amount of potentially harmful chemicals in your building and can help to lessen sick days. That is why our company preferred to focus on green cleaning services, especially in places where there is higher people mobility.