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Office Cleaning Services

Hygiene and cleanliness define the first impression for any professional setting.

As an added bonus, Joel Janitorial Office Cleaning Services will give you the advantage of our ongoing commitment to eco-friendly and green cleaning products for a safer and low impact working environment. Not to mention, clients who will notice the professional appeal of your office space and commitment to workplace health and culture.

Spruce up your office with Joel Janitorial Office Cleaning Services for a pristine office atmosphere that your employees will find both safe and invigorating.

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Carpets vacuuming

Clean rugs and carpets mean accumulated dust and molding can often do more than just create foul odours. Our carpet cleaning services mean freedom from irritation from pet dander and other particles that can develop into allergies. Our carpet cleaning will remove all particles and odours approved to your satisfaction.

Hard floor surfaces mopping

Helps to maintain the office’s freshness and improves the life of the flooring. We use only green and environmentally friendly eco cleaning products to, not only restore your shine, but also add protection for some years to come.

Clean Washrooms and Public Areas

Public areas such as washrooms and lunchrooms are the very places where most germs and bacteria accumulate. We ensure a thorough clean in these spaces to not only maintain a safe and pristine environment, but also provide a space conducive to revitalised employees.

Office dusting

Typically, the quickest place for dust to accumulate is on computers, phones, television and electronic displays on office equipment. We make sure to dust routinely, so you forget that grime and other unsightly particles were even an issue in the first place; adding an enhanced liveliness to your environment.
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Interior and exterior walls and windows

There’s nothing like a room with a view. Regular cleaning of interior and exterior walls and windows offers both a better view of the office, but enhances the professional appeal of any workplace. Your employees will be refreshed in their tidy atmosphere.

Board rooms, Cubicles, Elevators, Stairs, and Hallways

Office common areas are vital to the vibrant energy of your workplace culture. Unfortunately they are also the first places for germs and bacteria to gather. Through regular cleanliness, we help your business demonstrate ongoing professionalism and commitment towards the well being of their employees and customers.

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