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Windows Cleaning Services​

Windows Cleaning Services

Windows are not only for air ventilation but also elevate the overall exterior and interior of the home. Whether you’ve moved into a new home or just finished a home renovation, you’ll require windows cleaning services to add beauty to your home. If you’re looking for window cleaning solutions then our services could be the ideal fit for your home.

At Joel Janitorial Services, our main focus is simple which is to make our customers satisfied in terms of pocket friendly charges and effective cleaning. Our expert window cleaners make your windows spotless with their excellent cleaning techniques and tools.

Right from glass to frames, windows are cleaned by our team to ensure effective cleaning. With us, satisfaction is guaranteed. All the dirt, dust, grime, and stain will be removed using the best quality cleaning solutions.

Windows Cleaning Services
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Reasons to hire a professional company for windows cleaning

Availability of a wide range of equipment

Be it a multi storey building or a villa, you’ll need high grade and latest equipment and tools for window cleaning. Most of the time, windows are so high that it’s cleaning is not possible with sufficient cleaning tools and equipment. The professionals of Joel Janitorial Services are backed with all the required cleaning equipment such as the ladder, tool belt, scrapper, poles, and many other related things.

Our team uses the most effective equipment to complete the window cleaning service with effectiveness. Based on the cleaning requirement, we use our tools. Whatever is needed for window cleaning, we’ve got it all.

Increases the aesthetics of windows

No doubt, first impressions make a huge difference so people hire a professional commercial window cleaning company. Windows are the first things of a home or building that catches the eye of the onlookers. Professional cleaner helps in making your property’s window look spotless and stainless.

Harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain, and snow can impact the window frames and glasses. Outside dirt is also one of the problems that get built up quickly on the window surface. If you don’t want to get your impression lower then you must choose our Joel Janitorial Services for window cleaning.

Features that made us grow as the largest window cleaning company

  • We offer hassle free service for which clients can call, email us or drop a quote request
  • We are committed to customer satisfaction in terms of quality window cleaning and affordability
  • Our experienced and trained professionals available to help you
  • Customized cleaning schedules as per the requirements of the clients

Customer Pledge of Quality, Professionalism, and Satisfaction

We, as a reliable commercial, residential and industrial window cleaner, pledge to provide the best service of window cleaning. Our company delivers superior service every time to each client. Our professionalism ensures impeccable quality window cleaning service within the committed time frame. We’ve unique and customized window cleaning service packages. Also, our team of expert cleaners takes the minimum amount of time to get the job done right on time without any hassle.


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    A professional window cleaning service is beneficial for deep cleaning of the windows. It comes in different packages that include-

    • Power washing by using scrub and squeegee
    • Wiping of the sills, window tracks, ledges, and frames
    • Deep cleaning of all sorts of window screens and frames
    • Removal of dirt, grime, and dust
    • Removal of hard-water spots that build-up due to weather conditions
    • Quick removal of stubborn residue

    As per the cleaning package, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual cleaning

    This mainly depends on the weather conditions that make the windows dirty. If it’s a commercial building then one must hire business window cleaners at least once a month to prevent the buildup of grime and stains on the windows. In these areas, frequent maintenance will be required. For residential places, calling professional cleaners for windows 2-3 times a year would be enough.

    During a professional residential and commercial window washing, your windows will be cleansed of corrosive elements, dirt, dust, and grime. They also help in the removal of hard water spots that can lessen the visibility through the window. The professional cleaners of Joel Janitorial Services will take care of deep cleaning of the windows to make them free from stains, stubborn residue, dirt, etc.

    Window cleaning costs widely depends on the building design for a commercial and residential place. In case of residential homes of typical family suburb house, it may range from 180 to 250 CAD for a size of below 1800sqft. Professional window cleaners may also charge based on the number of window panel which may range from 10 to 15 CAD for a single panel or may charge based on hourly rate. Such square footage my take from two to three hours based on the accessibility and height of the window. An hourly rate for building below 30ft height may range between 120 to 150 CAD.

    In case of commercial windows, for buildings below 30ft height, the hourly rate is the same as of residential building but it takes more time as commercial building has more of glass walls. It is very important the professional window cleaner to visit and have an estimate base of the building design. Being that, for office of below 1800sqft, the industrial average could vary between 300 to 450 CAD. For building above 30ft height, it needs extra safety measures and mechanical lifts to avoid onsite safety concerns and the prices usually increases from 30 to 40% of the cost for shorter building.

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