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Carpet Floor Cleaning Services


Carpet Floor Cleaning Services

Carpets are the best way to enhance the overall look of the home and ensure a better way of flooring. However, carpets can accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, allergens, and grime. To keep the surroundings healthy and indoor air quality good, it’s important to take good care of carpets and keep them clean at regular intervals of time. This is why deep cleaning of floor carpet is essential.

We at Joel Janitorial Services focus on identifying germ and stain hotspots in your carpets to clean them effectively. Our team makes use of advanced carpet cleaning procedures to remove the stuck dust, germs, and allergens.  Our main aim is to follow all the preventive measures for germ control and ensure a healthier environment by keeping the carpet clean.

What is professional carpet cleaning?

There are times when some stains are tough to remove from the carpets. In such a situation, one requires a professional carpet cleaning Edmonton service that can take care of all the cleaning requirements of the customers.

Professional carpet cleaners use effective equipment and cleaning products to clean the carpets, maintain their quality and remove some of the tough stains and spills. Also, professional carpet cleaning helps in saving a lot of time and effort for the customers.

What are the steps of professional carpet cleaning services?

Step 1: Inspect the carpet: In this step, our expert cleaners inspect the entire carpet to find out what sort of cleaning is required and how stubborn the stain is.

Step 2: Pre-Carpet cleaning: After inspection of the carpet, the professional cleaners of our carpet cleaning services edmonton will begin the cleaning process by doing spot treating that requires extra attention.

Step 3: Cleaning Process of the carpets: Next, our professional cleaning company uses different techniques such as hot water extraction or steam cleaning technique to remove all the dirt present on the surface of the carpet.

Step 4: Proper deodorization: After the cleaning process, the carpets are sanitized and deodorized to ensure there’s no foul smell or germs on them. 

Why choose the best carpet cleaning Edmonton service?

Removal of that stubborn stain

Some stain such as coffee, chocolate, wine and mud stains are stubborn that need your efforts in cleaning. Even after several washes, there’s no surety of removal of these stains. Hiring the best carpet cleaning edmonton service for removing stains is a great choice especially when you want to remove the stains without affecting the color, softness, and fibers of the carpets.

Complete peace of mind

When you hire a professional cleaner for carpet cleaning, you can relax as you don’t have to bother about anything. Everything will be taken care of by professional carpet cleaners. Once you hire the cleaners for carpets, forget everything and just relax and see your cleaning done in no time.


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    In this steam carpet cleaning, the hot water extraction method is used for the removal of tough stains. For proper cleaning, hot water is injected into the fibers of your carpet at high pressureIn this steam carpet cleaning, the hot water extraction method is used for the removal of tough stains. For proper cleaning, hot water is injected into the fibers of your carpet at high pressure

    Have you ever thought about how much time it requires to clean and dry the carpets? If you’ll do the cleaning by yourself then it will take around 2 to 3 days in the entire cleaning and drying process. By hiring professionals for cleaning the carpets, you can save a lot of time as use advanced vacuum cleaners and other cleaning equipment.

    It is recommended to clean the carpet at least once in 6 to 8 months. If the carpet is dirty then you can call the carpet steam cleaning Edmonton service before 6 months also.

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