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Deep Cleaning Services

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Deep Cleaning Services

Commercial and residential deep cleaning services

Whether it’s a commercial or residential space, deep cleaning is important for every place. Deep cleaning is completely different from regular cleaning that people do at their homes, offices, or shops. Right from the corners to the stairs, there are many places where you’ll find stubborn dirt and grime. Deep grime can only be cleaned and removed with deep cleaning.

The cleaning that people do regularly only helps in removing dust and maintaining tidiness. Some of the regular cleanings include:

  • The dusting of the furniture
  • Disposing of the garbage
  • wiping out the washbasin
  • Doing laundry and many more

These all are surface-level cleanliness of your home and offices that doesn’t remove the tough grime and stains. We at Joel Janitorial Services focus on the deep cleaning of your commercial and residential places to make the space shine.

Our deep cleaning covers the following areas which aren’t entirely covered by the regular cleaning that usually people do at their homes-

  • Cleaning behind the different office appliances such as computers, printers, phones, keyboards, cabinets, shelves and decorative items.
  • removing the grime from office or commercial floors and carpets
  • deep cleaning of the window frames, window glasses, door frames and glass doors
  • removal of scales from the bathroom, sinks, and door corners
  • entire cleaning of the toilet walls
  • deep cleaning ceiling fans and airing vents
  • cleaning of elevator corners, trenches and buttons
  • removal of dust from stair frames and inside building corners
  • deep vacuuming of carpet areas and spot cleaning of stains on carpets and upholstery
  • grout floor, tile floor and concrete floor mopping or scrubbing
  • Wipe and sanitize garbage bins

Deep cleaning services by Joel Janitorial Services

Are you looking for Deep cleaning services for your home or office? Then look no further as Joel Janitorial Services is here to serve with effective cleaning solutions. We ensure efficient, eco-friendly, and professional cleaning services at highly affordable rates.

Joel Janitorial Services provides all the required equipment and cleaning supplies including high quality and natural products. Choose from our cleaning service to remove dirt and grime from the corners of your office or commercial spaces at our special rates. Whether it’s a shop, conference room, club hall, residential or office, we always provide a customized cleaning solution to our valued clients.

When to call experts for deep cleaning?

  • when you’re seeing grime all over the surface and in the corners
  • you can call our professional Deep cleaning serviceexperts if you’re not able to get rid of them by yourself.
  • If there are cobwebs everywhere
  • If you are moving out and shifting to a new place, you can call the experts for deep cleaning of the space after leaving your old space or before you acquire new space.
  • when the kitchen area is dirty and greasy
  • faded grout floors and tile floors
  • you need to call us when your place is dusty, as dust could be a source of allergy for employees and affect their performance.


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    Why choose Joel Janitorial Services for deep cleaning?

    Organic and Natural Cleaning Products

    For the deep cleaning process, we use only natural or eco-friendly certified cleaning products. With this, we ensure effective cleaning, eco-friendliness, and no side effects for you and your employees.  

    Complete Client Satisfaction

    With us, you’ll get complete client satisfaction as we focus on professionalism, effective cleaning, and affordability. Whatever service you’re looking for, you’ll get the best value for your money.

    Professional team for cleaning

    All our team of professionals are experienced and certified. A dedicated team ensures deep cleaning of your space to make it shine like never before.

    We’re just a call away!!

    If you require deep cleaning for your commercial or office place then rely on our effective and professional deep cleaning servicethat is specially designed to suit clients’ needs.

    We’ve personalized and cost-effective packages to meet your exact needs. Our company is focused on exceeding your cleaning expectations by giving you the best deep cleaning and disinfecting services for all your spaces with the utmost care.



    Deep cleaning is done by giving every detail to all the necessary components of a commercial office space or residential home space. For instance, a commercial space has private offices, open area offices which include cubicles, reception area or common area, office kitchen area and washroom or restroom areas. All these spaces have unique fixtures that need special attention during the deep cleaning process A long checklist can be followed or prepared but to mention some of the most common services may include but are not limited to:

    • Wiping down ceiling fans and light fixtures
    • Vacuuming and cleaning carpets and upholstery
    • Vacuuming along dusty floor edges
    • Cleaning window blinds
    • Dusting over table items might include electronic and decorative items
    • Cleaning under furniture
    • Wiping vent covers
    • Cleaning window glasses and door glasses
    • Scrubbing paints or foreign items on the walls
    • Dusting and wiping all fixtures and furniture

    Deep cleaning services are an in-depth procedure of cleaning which gives extra attention to all fixtures and inside building corners and walls of a facility or commercial space. Deep cleaning service is needed during acquiring a new space and occasional servicing of an existing space to remove dirt and increase the presentation of the facility. It usually requires the utilization of more aggressive cleaning agents for a better sanitary and disinfecting outcome.

    The magnitude of attention given to every detail during cleaning is the main difference between standard cleaning and deep cleaning services. Standard cleaning services usually involve an upkeep cleaning of the commercial or office space. This is done regularly to maintain the hygiene of the work or residential place. However, deep cleaning is done occasionally with great attention and for better cleanliness. It is done frequently when you are acquiring a new place or you are doing it after a special occasion or season. We advise most of our clients to order deep cleaning after every season as it has its unique contribution to the facilities. For instance, the snow in winter contributes a lot of dirt to the floors and carpets in Canada. Hence, we recommend and get a lot of demand for spring deep cleaning services for the floor and carpet from our clients. Similarly, summer deep cleaning services  are mainly triggered by the clouds of dust of the Spring.

    The frequency of deep cleaning depends mainly on how regularly the commercial or residential place is maintained. For a well-maintained facility with a regular cleaning chore, it is recommended twice a year for offices with higher customer traffic and once a year for less customer traffic places. However, for retail or public places, it is recommended at least once when the season is out.
    For residential places, it is advised once a year for adults places and if there are children it is recommended to be done twice a year as kids are sensitive to dust and cause a lot of dirt to be hidden in every space.

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