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Post Construction Cleaning Services

Post construction cleaning services

Once a construction project is completed, the last stage is an inspection of the worksite to ensure everything is neat, secure, and the debris and dirt are removed. The final walkthrough typically involves making sure that all loose ends are tied, and any damage is addressed while the house is brought to standards. One method of ensuring that everything is done is to create and implement a customized post-construction cleaning.

What is the most important thing for a contractor or owner is to know how much does a construction cleaning or post-construction cleaning services cost in the area and which construction cleaning companies does an amazing work.

The cost of construction cleaning services depends on the type or at what stage is the cleaning needed. The construction cleaning generally can be classified into two main categories based on the purpose of the cleaning.

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Rough Construction Cleaning Costs

Construction sites need to be cleaned now and then as the accumulated debris are safety concerns for the constructors. Hence rough construction cleanups involve the removal of debris, entire area vacuum cleaning and organizing the places.

Construction cleaning can be done in two ways based on the size of the site. If the site is big, mostly the contructors request for onsite construction cleaners to make sure the site is kept tide and organized which involves an ongoing cleaning and removal of debris. These cleaners can be outsourced from a commercial cleaning company which can be hired based on the condition of the site. The construction cleaners are outsourced base on hourly rate of the area where the construction is located and based on the amount of labor requested from the cleaning company. For instance, the hourly labor rate for Joel Janitorial Cleaning Services ranges from 25 to 27 CAD per hour for Edmonton and Calgary areas for an ongoing construction cleaning service.

The second option involves a request for a one-time cleaning during construction and it is rated based on the square feet of the area. Such demands usually happen when the construction finishes one phase and entering to another phase or when one contractor finishes and transfers the site to another contractor. The rate for one visit rough cleaning usually ranges from 0.13 CAD for larger sites and can reach up to 0.2 CAD per square feet for smaller to medium sites.

 Construction cleaning duties usually involves but not limited to:

  • Removing debris and construction left overs
  • Dusting windows and higher fixtures
  • Dusting walls and places for final fittings
  • Sweeping and mopping surfaces for final underlaying
  • Vacuuming the entire place
  • Cleaning and disposing of leftovers and dirt from exterior landscaping  


    Post-Construction Cleaning Cost

    The final part of cleaning which is post-construction cleaning involves the cleaning of the interior and exterior of the site before it is given to the owners. Post-construction cleaning involves a detailed or deep cleaning of all surface and fixtures within the building. It also includes dusting of ceilings, interior walls and exterior window cleaning or washing. The final interior scrubbing costs varies widely due to different factors but it falls anywhere from CAD 0.2 to CAD 0.65 per square foot. 

    A Professional Post-construction cleaning services checklist for the interior cleanup should include the following cleaning jobs:

    • Removing dust, dirt and construction scraps
    • Dusting of high walls and Ceilings
    • Dusting of all interior fixtures including all wooden fixtures such as door and window frames
    • Dusting of light fixtures and electronic fixing
    • Mopping and buffing of floors (waxing if requested by the client),
    • Vacuuming of carpeted areas
    • Cleaning of Ducts, vents and heating exchanges
    • Detailed cleaning of all corners, Window tracks and frames
    • Removing of all stickers and plastic covering
    • Final removal of trashes to the designated area


    After the construction of any residential or commercial place, you’ll get to see a lot of dust, dirt, waste, and debris around you. Cleaning the entire space and managing the waste is not possible if professionals are not there. Thus, by hiring Joel Janitorial Service, you get impeccable and reliable construction cleanup service in which your entire space will be cleaned effectively. Professional cleaners use high quality cleaning solutions and equipment for construction cleaning.

    Basic cleaning means cleaning your residential or commercial place’s different corners and spots. Basic cleaning includes regular cleaning such as dusting, cleaning the kitchen platform, removing water stains, etc. However, post construction cleaning services are all about the removal of wastes, removal of debris, taking care of the specks of dust accumulated on doors & windows, scraping any plaster paints, and many more.

    With us, there’s a team of experienced cleaners are who aware of the cleaning equipment and debris removal methods. We always accomplish our undertaken cleaning projects right on time. Each of our cleaning services is specially designed with different packages keeping the client’s requirements and budget in mind.

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